Syd and Ellen Kessler   
As this book was being put together, someone came up with the bright idea of having the authors’ children write the foreword. At first I wasn’t so sure about this. After all, I am not the most objective person to validate a book on parenting written by my parents.

But then again, who better to give testimony to the practicality of their principles?

From my point of view, their system of parenting has been put into action successfully.

What does success mean? Well, consider that I grew up in a household filled with love and appreciation. A household where my thoughts and feelings were always respected. Mom and Dad ran a tight ship, but my brother and I always knew where we were and where we were going. The journey had strict rules and guidelines, but that was always OK with us.

I know I will make many mistakes as I follow my own life path. I know I will experience both blessings and hardships. But I also know that the basic tools my parents imparted to me — in particular the principle of being a cause and not an effect — will assist me in righting myself and will elevate all of my experiences. My parents have been working on this book for several years but waited to publish it until Isaac and I were adults. They were concerned about the spotlight that the book would shine on us. I am now 25 and Isaac is 23. I am prepared to be scrutinized. It is the least I can do to show my gratitude to my parents.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.
I have found it very difficult to contribute to this foreword. Just knowing that the title of the book was The Perfect System of Parenting caused my hands to seize up above my computer keyboard. How do I validate for you that these tools have moulded me for the better? I can only give you a word that is not mentioned in the text: certainty. It is the single most important thing that the authors of this book have shared with me: the all-encompassing understanding and personal application of certainty in my life. Certainty in my actions toward others, certainty in the life decisions I choose to make, certainty in relationships, certainty in the love I have for my family and that they have for me, certainty that if I follow the guidelines imparted to me by my parents, I will be on a path toward long-lasting fulfillment for myself and everyone around me. And lastly, certainty in myself.

I have been through pain and heartache in my relatively short life. However, my parents, through their unconditional love and support and the tools explained in this book, have given me the power to convert the pain into meaningful experiences. Growing up with them, no stone of experience was ever left unturned, and every hurt was turned to gold.

You may call my words presumptuous, egotistical, or full of chutzpah. Nevertheless, I stand by my inner wellspring of certainty and say to you that this book will definitely strengthen and improve the lives of both you and your children.
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